How can Core Aeration help my lawn?

A. Core aeration is often overlooked when trying to achieve a healty lawn. Over time, the lawn will become compacted which reduces the air movement and water uptake needed to acheive necessary root growth. The best time to core aerate is in the spring or fall. Fall aeration is favored over spring aeration due to favorable weather fall provides for overseeding, which is best done after a core aeration. These are the best times to aerate, however aeration can be performed at any time during the season. A lawn with deep root systems will always endure a summer heat better than a shallow rooted lawn.

What is the best watering plan for my lawn?

A good watering plan involves a few key points. First, water deeply but infrequently. Watering too shallow discourages deep root systems, leaving the lawn susceptible to drought stress. Water in the morning when the temperatures are moderate; watering during the day will only penetrate the top layer of soil preventing deep root growth. Watering in the evening can lead to turf diseases. If you plan to water after an application we ask for you to wait at least 2 hours after the application.

Can you provide some mowing tips for my lawn?

A good rule of thumb to follow for mowing your lawn is to follow the 1/3 rule, meaning only mow 1/3 of the blade at a time. During the spring and fall you can mow shorter, while during summer it is best to leace at least 3 inches in height. Taller grass shades the topsoil during the heat of the year and when mowed to short can stress your lawn. After an application, it is best to wait to mow at least 1 day, allowing the application to work effectively. Leaving the clippings lie after mowing is good for the lawn because it contains many important nutrients to the lawn; however, if you have waited a long time to mow and have excessive amounts of dead grass, bagging is advised. Remember to keep your mower blades sharp to avoid damaging the tips of your grass.

Why is my lawn turning brown?

Cool season turf grasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass, will naturally go dormant and turn brown during times of heat or drought stress. This stress can be reduced by core aerating once per year, water heavily (at least one inch) if rain is not present, and mowing hich with a sharp blade(3"). Properly feeding your lawn during the season can also provide the recommended nutrients in order to survive and overcome a drought period. Browning can also result from insect or disease damage, so it is recommended that you consult with a turf technician if symptoms occur.

Will rain affect my application?

Rain will not affect granular applications; in fact it is helpful. Rain will not affect applications either as long as it is at least one hour after the application. Generally if it is dry to the touch, then the plant has absorbed the herbicide. Any rain received after an hour following a liquid visit is helpful, as it will help the herbicide move through the plant.

How long should I stay off my lawn? Should I keep my pets off the lawn?

After an application has been completed stay off the lawn for about 1½ hours or until dry. This allows for an even application. Keep prolonged activity off the lawn for a day

Why are some of the weeds dying and some are not?

There are many different types of broadleaf weeds that may be in the yard. Weeds like dandelions can be controlled with one application, other broadleaf weeds such as ground ivy and thistle may take multiple visits to control.

Why won't grass grow on edges and boulevards?

Edges and boulevards have alot of other pressures that can cause grass to not grow. Salt and sand from the winter is a main cause along with poor soil conditions. Flush these areas out with a garden hose in spring to get sand and salt out and reseed in spring with the appropriate seed. If soil is too sandy bringing in good black soil and sand or sod areas and do not forget to water.

Our Guarantee:

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