Service Area

When originally founded in 1973, Lawnpro serviced residential lawns in Mankato and close surrounding towns such as Mapleton, Eagle Lake, St. Peter, St. Clair, Pemberton and Nicollet and numerous others. However as time went on, it was evident that the lawn care industry was growing and there was a demand for it. Lawnpro decided to expand their services to provide quality and affordable lawn and tree care to much of southern Minnesota.

Lawnpro eventually would add a Rochester branch to help serve customers and over the years has gained extensive knowledge dealing with lawns all over the region. From the rolling landscape of Winona to the farmland near the Redwood Falls region, Lawnpro has tailored their weed control and fertilization programs to meet each customer’s needs. Lawnpro today offers lawn and tree care services to numerous larger towns such as Mankato, Rochester, Faribault, Northfield, St. Peter, New, Ulm, Albert Lea, Austin, Blue Earth, Fairmont, Windom and every small town community in between.

Lawnpro has seen it all, whether it is tackling regional issues such as the sandy soils of St. Peter to the heavy soils of Wabasso. From the Dutch Elm disease to the Emerald Ash Borer found now along the I-90 corridor in towns such as Austin, Albert Lea and Rochester. Lawnpro continues to this day to keep up with and address these regional issues as well as provide quality services in response to issues found all over southern MN; weed control, grub and insect control, nutrient feeding, disease and insect control of trees and ornamentals, and much more!